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FAQ's - Frequently asked questions.

Q. I love your products, how do I register for a wholesale account?

Please see 'how to order'.

Q. Do you need any other info from me?

A bit of infomation about your business is useful, ie where your shop or outlet is.

Q. I don't have a shop, can I still buy your products?

Not all our customers have a bricks and mortar shop or gallery - some sell online, at shows, festivals and markets...and some are designer makers who use our products in their work..

Q.I see this is a wholesale only site - Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, but only for a first order. Once you have become a registered customer you can buy as many or as few as you like.

Q. I used to buy wholesale from Injabulo. Will I have to set up a new account with you?

We are now 'Injabulo wholesale' and so your account has automatically transferred to us.

Q. I am already a customer, but have lost my log-in details. What should I do?

No problem. Just get in contact with us, and we'll remind you of your password. Your username is the email address you gave when you first registered.

Q. I haven't ordered for a while, and have changed my email address. Is it a problem?

Please email us with the new email address you would like on your account, and we'll change it.

Q. Do I have to order online? I find it a bit impersonal...

We love speaking to our customers too, and are happy for you to order whichever way you prefer.

Q. When is the best time to contact you?

We are generally 'in the office' most mornings. If we don't answer the phone, please try again later, or email us. Please note we are a small part-time business.

Q If I re-order, will I get an identical product?

All the products are hand-made, and variations in the materials does occur. In short - no we can't quarantee it.

Wherever possible, we try to send similar products out in any one order.

This is what our daughter would describe as 'being able to see the makers hand' in some of the products.

Q. Can I wash the buttons in my machine?

The answer, direct from the producers is "The items are fully washable, we recommend that the garment is turned inside out prior to washing, and that the normal care is taken in the handling of the item."

Q. How about dry-cleaning?

The same applies - they have been manufactured to be extrememly durable.

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